Our Ovens are our heart and Soul

The Beauty of the Beast

View into an oven

You see a wood-fired oven, we see a flaming beast. Of course, we say that with the utmost respect and affection, because it’s the scorching heat this oven generates that makes the pizzas taste so great. These ovens are hard to tame, but even harder not to love.

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We're kind of pyros

Punch’s wood-burning ovens are fired to a blistering 800 degrees. The pizzas take only 90 seconds to cook, which is why it takes our pizzaioli years to tame the heat and master the speed of our Italian ovens.

Pizzaoli - Masters of the Flames

At Punch, only those with focus and true grit get a shot at taming the fire to cook our pizzas. We recognize our top cooks by adding an orange stripe on the sleeve of their uniform.

Pizzaoli standing in storefront

Tile and Craft

Person tiling an oven

Tiling the Ovens

We have a lot of pride in our ovens because every one is built by John, John and the cooks, giving them an authentically hand-crafted look. Each uses about 50,000 individual hand-made glass tiles imported from Italy.

We don't think it odd to name our ovens. All of our hand-tiled ovens are named after famous pizzarias we love in Naples.

Trianon, at the Calhoun Village location

Da Michele, at the Eden Prairie location

S. Bridgetta, at the Northeast location

Matozzi, at the Wayzata location

Via Civitali, at the Highland location

Brandi, at the Grand Avenue location