Fresh Ingredients

Mt. Vesuvio Tomatoes

It was probably on our 5th or 6th trip before we even realized these small, cherry-like tomatoes even existed because in Naples, you only find them in the winter time. Neapolitans harvest, cluster, then hang the tomatoes like grapes in the stores and pizzerias. The longer they hang, the more shriveled and sweeter they get. When someone orders their pizza with these tomatoes, they’re literally picked off the vine and thrown on the pizza. We created a method at Punch where we could enjoy this type of tomato year round.

People browsing in a produce market

Mozzarella Di Bufala

There's a lot of "buf moz" made in Naples, and usually, the really good stuff ("A" quality) stays in Naples. The "B" quality is sent to the rest of Italy, the “C” quality to the rest of Europe, and beyond. Fortunately, we have a special relationship with a 3rd generation family of cheese makers who sell us the "A" quality cheese. They primarily sell to the Neapolitans and Neapolitan pizzerias, and still make their mozzarella the old fashioned way, pulling and working it like you would a giant piece of taffy.

Two water buffalo Water buffalo at our
favorite farm.
Puch crew at a farm Punch crew on a
farm visit.

Via Campania Vino - Wine making has been going on in this region since the 13th Century B.C.

Thanks to the temperate influence of the Mediterranean Sea, abundant sunshine, and the rich volcanic soil of Mt. Vesuvius, Campania is the ideal place to grow grapes.

Vinicola delSannio

Keeping with D.O.C. tradition, Punch Neapolitan Pizza serves the accredited wines of Naples, Italy. Our Barbera (Rosso) and Falanghina (Bianco) wines come from a family-owned vineyard just north of Naples in the heart of Campania. The vineyard combines the finest grapes from the volcanic rich soil with modern wine-making technology to produce these high quality wines. The Barbera is smooth with a full bouquet while the Falanghina is simple and refreshing . Both wines pair perfectly with Neapolitan pizza.

Vinicola delSannio Bottle

Great Sea Salt Fundamental to Great Pizzas

We spent a year bringing in salt all over the world trying to find the absolute best to use on our pizza and focaccia. You wouldn’t think there’s much difference, but there is. The sea salt we decided on has a perfect flakiness and flavor and is 10 times the cost of regular table salt. More importantly, we think it tastes ten times better.

Glass container of sea salt